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Gladly Accepting Tips of Magic Internet Money


Future-Fi   NFTs

NFT’s or Non-Fungible-Tokens are provably scarce, Multi-media, digital collectables. The content lives on the ETHereum Blockchain and is forever identifiable and verifiable. If you own an NFT you own a unique, traceable, and authentic asset that hence can never be copied or destroyed. for this reason NFTs have the potential to accrue value over time if demand increases…. if you don’t get it….. you will!

CROMULON is on the cutting edge of this new collectable asset class. the album "Futre-Fi" has been tokenized! and is quite rare! Each of the 7 songs of the album has Only 3 unique and identical commemorative NFTs. Each NFt includes an amazing animated .Gif created by @whirlwindvisuals. as well as the entire CROMULON track it is associated with. 



we here at cromulon are staunch proponents of simulation theory. for this reason, we maintain a strong presence in the top blockchain-based virtual worlds! come explore the CROMULON Venues / NFT Stores in the metaverse!

VisiT Decentraland


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