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New Album


Are you bogged down in the malaise of “Human Music”?

Do you feel like you are living inside of a sadistic, poorly programmed, simulation?

Well look no further than “Cromulon” a virile amalgamation of retro soul and robot sex noises, known to tickle even the most fickle of genitals.

What is cromulon you ask?

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Herbie Hancock fucked a bionic dinosaur?

What if Chick Corea and Miles Davis had a love child, and driven by paternal angst, synthesizers became his only coping mechanism?

Maybe the entire mothership was sucked into a quasar, and spaghettification reduced George Clinton into his fundament quarks and gluons? 

However the fuck it got here, Cromulon has arrived; And will proceed to fuck your ear holes, or maybe, even collapse the wave function of your soul.

dance, drool, or generally feel bamboozled… pick one, or all…

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